Wearewood’s Content Creation Service

The team at Wearewood have 50+ years of motor trade experience. We understand your business, and we can support you in creating content for your website.


Standard Copy Creation

If you need a helping hand to write copy for your website, Wearewood are here to help. Getting started can be a struggle so we can help guide you through this process and or write some basic copy specifically for you. From £64 per page.


SEO Content Creation

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of fine tuning your web pages to directly appeal to its users, your customers. In order to write content for SEO there’s certain criteria to follow. From £ 99 + VAT per page our writers will tailor your website content to you and SEO the page(s). Read more on SEO…

The bonus with us writing your content is that we will source and/or cerate any images or videos that are necessary to communicate the information to your customers. This doesn’t mean that you have to, you can include your own images and/or videos if you wish.

Image Assist

Do you have an image that needs tweaking? Whether you need to crop, remove a background, add an effect or something else we can help.

Typically, we will gladly do this an no additional charge, depending on how much tweaking is required.

Image Creation

Our experienced design team can create the graphics you need for your website or social media. There are many resources available online, but sometimes the quality isn’t good enough or you just want to personalise the information or message.

Please see an example to the right, for more inspiration visit our stock image site. You can use our existing images or we can personalise them to include your logo, contact details and/or colour scheme.

Video Creation

If a picture is worth 1,000 words what is a video worth? Videos are a fun and innovative way to keep your customers engaged in your content. We can create simple explainer or advertisement videos for your website, social media and more.

Please see some examples below, for more inspiration visit our stock image site. You can use our existing videos or we can personalise them to include your logo, contact details and/or colour scheme.