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SEO (Search engine optimisation) is the process of moulding your web-pages to directly appeal to its users, your customers.

SEO requires a minimum of 300 words and must be original copy. So, we will need some input from you to understand the specific service(s) you offer and what makes you unique.

Please answer the questions below for the purpose of the content creation only.

If you don’t want the information to be include in your website, please leave the field blank/select ‘no’.

Once we have received this initial information, our content writers will draft content for all the pages requested. Once complete you’ll have the opportunity to review and make any amendments you would like before the content is added to your website and the SEO settings applied. Please note that the SEO process requires certain criteria to be met, which can cause text be unnatural in places.

SEO content creation is a chargeable service at £99 + VAT per page.

*bulk discounts are available for 3+ and 5+ pages at any one time.